Dear Members of EFOA,

Greetings from the Managing Committee.

All of us, as owners of flats in Estancia Township, have invested considerable amount of money and our wealth into these flats. The first three towers are almost 10 years old though the other two may relatively be younger. However, over a period of time, we are facing serious and repetitive complaints of seepage, dampness and related consequences. The exteriors of all the towers require to be weather-proofed and painted once again to protect them against the vagaries of nature. Painting also helps to seal the leaks and cracks, when we do this work along with Weatherproofing.

Our fire-hydrant system, which is perhaps one of the best, has been corroding over the past several years, and is currently unreliable. Yes, the pipes, valves and connected equipment are rusted in many places. Even pinholes are found in the Fire-hydrant system, which is expected to handle very high pressures of water. In the event of a fire, it the fire hydrant is found to be useless, there can be a catastrophic loss of lives and properties in this township. Should this happen, the reputation of the EFOA and all flats in Estancia Township will be affected badly.

After examining the priorities, the Managing Committee has identified the following 3 projects that EFOA would undertake on top of the current on-going ones. We need to work out the project feasibility plans, detailed cost-estimates, risks involved, connected safety issues to be examined, potential contractors who can carry out these projects and with all other relevant details we need to obtain the approval of the General Body. This may take 4-5 months. Therefore, we should start working on the following projects right away. 

1.     Arresting Seepages and Painting Exterior Walls & Common Facilities: Identifying the root cause of seepages, dampness of the exterior walls of the buildings and with the guidance of experts in the field, take all the necessary corrective measures to fix the problem. As part of this project, we also propose that the exteriors of our towers and common facilities are carefully weather-proofed and repainted by approved painting contractors.

2.     Rectification of the Fire-hydrant System: Subject our Fire hydrant systems and entire lines for a detailed technical audit, identify the weakness and prepare a project feasibility plan to rectify and renovate the corroded parts of the Fire Hydrant system, the valves, the delivery nozzles and controls, the pressure pumps etc.

3.     Improvements to Walking Track: Identify the improvements needed for our WALKING TRACK and attend to the defects and make sure that the walking track is safe and aesthetically improved.

We need experts for these projects.

We are seeking volunteers who have reasonable experience in these areas, who can guide the Project Management Teams by being part of the Team and driving the projects to their logical conclusion.

We need 5 volunteers for each of the project(to be team-members) and 3 volunteers for the smaller third project.

The Volunteers for each of these projects, would go into all aspects of these projects whose scope and extent will be clearly defined by consultants/ consulting firms.

Project:1 The team will identify the causes of seepage and dampness going into minute details, draw up tower-wise plans for major rectification activities, estimating the costs involved, identifying potential contractors who can be trusted to take up and complete the project, define tender conditions and technical specifications, call for tenders, evaluate them and prepare a business case to be presented to the General Body.

1.     This project also involves Weather Proofing as well as Repainting all the Exteriors and the Common facilities. This cannot be taken up without addressing the Seepage and issues causing dampness. Weatherproofing will help reduce the seepage and dampness problems which is quite common in many flats. Hence, we will have to take painting also simultaneously.

2.     For such a high-rise tower jobs, scaffolding, or use of rigging suspended rope access (from the Top-floor), insurance against damage to buildings and insurance for workmen, and other safety considerations are extremely important. The Contractor identified must possess an extremely good track-record in weatherproofing and painting multi-storied high-rise Apartment Complexes / buildings.

3.     Simultaneous execution of Weatherproofing and Painting would increase the cost of the project. However, delaying these projects will only lead to further escalation of costs and these projects cannot be postponed indefinitely. Perhaps, we are already late.

Project:2      Our fire hydrant systems require technical evaluation and whether they would stand up to a demand at the time of a major fire hazard. We need to be assured of it. The reports we are getting from the Maintenance team is none too good! The entire hydrant system must be subjected to pressure tests close to the designed upper levels of the Margin of Safety so that we know where the weaknesses are.

1.     We need 7 volunteers to become part of this project of technical evaluation of the conditions of the entire Fire Hydrant System in Estancia, identifying areas that may have to be completely relayed afresh and areas where repairs and corrective measures would be adequate.

2.     The technical evaluation must be carried out by qualified and experience testing agencies who have the necessary competence, experience as well as equipment.

3.     Based on their report and with the support of an external Knowledge Partner, the Project Management team is expected to come up with the Project details, major rectification activities, estimating the costs involved, identifying potential contractors who can be entrusted to take up and complete the project, define tender conditions and technical specifications, call for tenders, evaluate them and prepare a business case to be presented to the General Body.

Project:3 This relates to the improvement of the Walking Tracks. This is relatively simpler project, and we need three members who are young and energetic to take up the project management aspects of this relatively smaller project.

The Managing Committee as the custodian of the trust and confidence of the Members of the EFOA, will extend its full support and approvals at every stage of these projects.

Where there is a will, there is a way: If we have the confidence in ourselves to take up these projects which are unavoidable in any case, we should take them as early as possible. Therefore, we request all those who have the expertise and experience in similar projects to willingly come forward to take up responsibilities in these projects. The first two projects will be supported by external consultants/ experts and Knowledge Partners as may be required.

Approval by the General Body: Undoubtedly, we will present the project reports to the General Body and once approved, we will take up these projects for effective completion.

Please come forward to be part of a success story: If you have the experience and the expertise, please do come forward. Do not wait for others to throw their hats in. If we do not get enough of our own members volunteering to be part of the Project Management Teams, it will be extremely difficult to take up and complete these projects. We have these challenges ahead of us, and we request you to come forward to be part of the Project Management Teams.

Please send me a mail within 7 days so that we can quickly form the Project Management Teams and get cracking on these tasks.

Please send all nominations to,

Yours truly,


Secretary – EFOA

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